Equine Assisted Therapy therapists work with clients one on one in confidential and professional therapy sessions inviting horses to interact with clients in a safe space. Liberty herd experiences/horse grooming, mounted led when appropriate and obstacle challenges are just some of the experiences that you can participate in, to understand the way of the horse and how horses support humans. Horses are never ‘used’ during sessions they are the true therapy assistants and just their being is enough for clients to explore and be curious about their true selves. EQ Haven is not a riding school, our horses are our partners in therapy. Equine assisted therapy with children, tweens, teens, families, and groups both corporate or team building gives an opportunity to explore topics such as consent, self-regulation, letting go, conflict, facing life’s challenges, ‘I should self-talk’ and problem-solving as well as personal development. During these sessions, a variety of experiences help the client to regulate and welcome their emotions, ground in the environment, become aware  and be curious about their self beliefs.

Twilight Equine Assisted Therapy Sessions will be on offer again in the warmer months from October 2022 6.30-7.15pm Wednesday evenings. As the sun goes down, experience the calm of horses after a busy day at work or home.

Yoga with horses will be a program available in the future, that integrates the sharing of a sheltered nature space with horses and the freedom and beauty of yoga with a qualified teacher, to really enjoy the experience of nature and mindfulness. These are for small groups of 6-8 people.

 Horse Wisdom Program™ – is the signature program created by Meg Kirby in 2011 (Equine Psychotherapy Institute – EPI) – to provide an effective, social-emotional skills building program for a variety of clients. This program can only be offered by EPI certified therapists. Horses are invited into sessions with clients and ‘the way of the horse’ leads the client to explore regulation, awareness and facing life’s challenges through a 6-7 session program suitable for both children and adults.

‘Me time’ half – full day workshops with a variety of creative, meditative activities, relaxing walks amongst the bush and an equine assisted therapy session will be offered during the warmer months with a delicious brunch or high afternoon tea. These are for small groups of 4-6 people.

A highlight of this session will be the offering of a ‘Foraging to Art’ component (foraging from the 40 acre forest at EQ Haven and with a trained creative arts educator and counsellor create some wonderful art pieces for you to take home, please feel free to make an enquiry now).

Nature Assisted Therapy – in addition to having experiences with our beautiful horses feel free to explore all that nature can offer and enjoy a facilitated session through the forest or the paddocks as an adjunct. You are also most welcome, to meet our hens on the property and get the whole farm feel. A highlight of our nature assisted therapy will be time spent in the sensory garden – more information coming about this amazing space that will be created:)

In addition, we think it’s important to go the extra mile because you are important….

Clients are offered a therapy pack that contains horse wisdom cards for reflection, a horse keyring to remind the client of the horse who helped them during the session, sunscreen, hand sanitiser or wipes and a bottle of water. All clients are offered to enjoy refreshments on commencing or at the conclusion of their session to ground, reflect and experience in the comfort of Daisy’s cabin or under the shade looking towards the hills and the dam. A cute hammock is coming soon for some R&R after sessions!

We will also have some edible garden vegetables and herbs available for you to take home in the near future.