Our Horses


Hello I am Kya – I am 27 years old
Kya is a bay thoroughbred who is 15hh. Kya is the friendliest and most beautiful girl! She is fabulous with children and adults and her career was as a riding school horse. Kya has a leg injury so does not offer riding now. Her best friend is Red and Kya loves to be the centre of attention so if you feel a nibble on your neck it’s probably Kya!

Our dearest Katie passed away in January 2023. She was 30 years old!Katie will always hold a special place in our hearts and we will always include her in our gallery. We give thanks to have been able to care for Katie and for being the most amazing therapy partner. Here she is with Lucy (the human therapist) xx.


Hello I am Big Red – I am 19 years old. Big Red who was also known as ‘Secret Affair’ is a 16hh chestnut thoroughbred. Red used to be on the track. She has the kindest eye and just a beautiful personality. Red can offer led mounted riding. Her best friend is Kya, although Kya does boss her around a bit. Red does not like the wind. On windy days on the farm we help Red to regulate and not be afraid. Red has the most amazing glossy coat.

Hello I am Tillie. I am 17 years young.
I am a Paint. I love being with Angel and Daisy and being the head of my small herd! I can be anxious at times, but I love to connect with people. Tillie is currently away on holidays with our dear friend Jamie lee from Manestride Equestrian. Go to Jamie’s page to see Tillie in action:)

Hello I am Angel – I am 25 years old. Angel is a chestnut pony approximately 12 hh. Angel has a left leg injury, so she isn’t offering riding anymore plus she has retired! Angel loves her own company but also happy with the herd especially with Tillie and Daisy . Angel is very sweet and has an hilarious trotting style.

Hello I am Daisy – I am 16 years old
Daisy is a dark bay 15 hh dressage pony. She has the prettiest trot and a beautiful nature. She loves to rub her head on you! Daisy has a leg injury too and is retired from riding but loves food! Daisy loves all her friends at the farm. Our dear friend Peanut (Lucy’s horse) has moved to Canberra so Lucy can see her more often. We were sad to see her leave but know we will stay in touch and she will come back from time to time to see us:)

Alaska's bio coming hortly! Spolier Alaska is a mare along wih her bu
What a beauty:)

Alaska’s bio is coming, but spoiler she is another girl!

She is 13 years young and a smooch xx