We offer:

Red’s Retreat – A purpose built dry enclosed stable area with open outlook, useful for one-on-one sessions with a horse/ client and therapist in inclement weather or just as a retreat. To the right-hand side is a covered seated viewing area to the arena, ideal cover in inclement weather and for shade in Summer.

This is also the horse sick bay when required.

Daisy’s Cabin – A cosy cabin ideal as the reception and consult area for clients and visitors, equipped with refreshments area and comfy seating. This is also an area for first aid treatment if required. On rainy or inclement weather days this can be used as private consulting room.

We have excellent trained first aiders on site and first aid equipment including Asthma Management Kit, Snakebite Kit and Defibrillator.

Kya’s Cover – An 8×8 metre covered, waterproof sand area shelter to take in the beautiful views and has some interactive horse and pony time no matter what the weather.

Several spacious fenced paddocks averaging 10-50 acres each and 12 dams.

Pretty Paddock, Sunshine Hill Paddock, Lower Valley Paddock, The Magic Paddock.

Alaska’s arena – a 20 x 60m wide PVC fenced sand arena perfect for horse wisdom/ interaction sessions.

Katie’s trail – Available for walking.

Angel’s trail – Available for walking.

There is a private composting toilet on site.

Plans are now well underway for a farm makeover including construction of the Sensory Garden and the Edible Garden in the coming months.

You can take vegetables from the garden once they start growing!