About Us – EQ Haven TM

EQ Haven is excited to provide Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) for adults and children. We do this with the assistance from our beautiful herd of horses and ponies on our 170 acre farm located in Bellmount Forest, New South Wales, Australia. 

What is equine assisted therapy?

Horses have an amazing ability to support people to develop self awareness, self regulation, resourcing, personal development and leadership skills. Calm and healthy horses do this by connecting and building relationships with other herd members and humans. 

EQ Haven has a strong philosophy and values that underpin our therapy.

Certified therapists welcome the client to participate in individual or group equine experience including observation, greeting, brushing, obstacle challenges and when appropriate mounted led walks.

The welfare of our clients and horses is the most important aspect of our therapy, our horses are very much loved and cared for just ask Big Red!

A 7-session horse wisdom program is offered as well as ongoing sessions. After every 2nd session there is a goal development discussion and after every 6th session there is a feedback session (written and verbal) from client and therapist and a goal evaluation before continuing or ceasing therapy.

Clients can also choose to opt for a one off ‘Me Time’ equine assisted therapy session if visiting the area.

Please see our comprehensive Policy and Procedures link:

EQ Haven Policy and Procedure Model of Care July 2022 V4

Please contact us and register your interest.

This is an invitation to have experiences with our horses, accept and welcome where we are now and explore our true selves…