How are our unicorns going?

Horse welfare is always an interesting topic point with varying opinions.

EQ Haven’s stance is very clear. Our horses are not ‘it’s’ but co-facilitators. A soon as we change the narrative the horse responds differently to us. Of course, in time of emergencies such as bush fires yes, we have to catch our horses to load asap even if they may not want to but 99.9% of the time our horses have a choice!

One of my favourite things that I get my clients to do is to sit quietly and observe our horses. How do they interact with other horses or even Bear barking at their heel to play. What do clients notice about their soft eyes and quivering lip. It’s pure magic.

When we step back and become immersed in the present we learn, we can see their magnificent vein structures cascading around their bodies, the sound of the inevitable outbreath which warms my heart every time. I LOVE that they all come running down the hill to see me and arrive snorting and excited.

For a few moments (or so much longer) I can be the only human in the world in the moment with each and every one of them.

My clients also get to experience this pure beauty.

So next time you happen to be in the magnificent company of a pony or horse stop and smell them and remember they are not here to meet our needs – that happens by osmosis we must also meet their needs. Be kind, love them.

Think to yourself a moment with a horse – nowhere to be, nothing to do but just being. See how wonderful and cup filling that can be:)

Til next time take care Mandy 🙂


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