Nature and horses

What an amazing few weeks it has been!

Lucy and I were fortunate to attend the Equine Psychotherapy Institute in early October and undertake the Nature Assisted Therapy Course. After a brilliant few days, educating ourselves, we are now pleased to be able to offer this adjunct therapy in addition to our equine assisted therapy.

Please see our services page for more details.

Recently, we had the opportunity to hold our very first Introduction to Equine Assisted Therapy Day representing and supported by the Equine Psychotherapy Institute.

The day was well attended with delicious morning and afternoon teas and lunch from ‘Love Made Edible’ and gave us an opportunity to discuss our therapy with some wonderful humans.

Lucy and Mandy

One of the highlights of the day was the liberty herd meet with all our participants meeting our beautiful horses, having interactions and then making meaning of that experience in an integration discussion, it was truly nourishing xx


Tilly the Kelpie

Some exciting new things are coming up!

  • EQ Haven will be reaching out to ask for some EQ Haven Volunteers to help us build our planned Edible Garden (enabling free fresh food for our visiting clients) and a much-anticipated Sensory Garden.
  • The Sensory Garden will be such a beautiful addition to the nature-based therapy and a space for clients and their carers to relax and enjoy the calm. As a volunteer you will receive a unique cap with ‘EQ Haven Volunteer’ on it. Morning or afternoon tea and plenty of relaxing as well as knowing you are helping your community. We will supply all materials needed. There will also be an opportunity to learn and care for horses in our incredibly nurturing environment.
  • In 2023 our ‘me time’ group sessions will get underway. These sessions combine ‘foraging to art’, with morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea and a group equine assisted therapy session – more details to come………
  • Don’t forget if you are interested in any sessions (individual and ‘me time’/group (including the foraging to art sessions)/ twilight/ yoga with horses) just contact us through our enquiries page and we can let you know the availability and offerings:)
  • Finally for this update, EQ Haven is about to start an extensive national and international literature review of equine assisted therapy services and exploring the evidence of its contribution to improving the life of our clients and its impact on conditions such as anxiety and depression. I am most happy to be able to give regular updates on how this is progressing. Evidenced based research is very important to support and ensure we are offering the best practice care that is available with a sound evidence base.

So, as you can see, we continue to love our work and thank each and every one of our clients and supporters for helping us to keep providing such a beautiful service, chat soon Mandy xx

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