Getting ready for our first birthday!

Yes can you believe nearly a year (in 2 weeks time)!

What a journey, thank you to the EQH team, family and friends and my incredible husband Dean x

A journey, a rollercoaster, all learning experiences.

Loved every second …mostly.

Our home page today was dedicated to Sophie Putland, please take time to read the post it highlights such important issues.

Our programs continue to grow – check them out and as I always say I will keep trying to update blogs/ new program information and our updated bios and policies and procedures, social media tends not to be my strongest point but I will keep trying, such is my determination :)…I am too busy playing and loving our horses!!

Our groups are in full swing and the best thing is that on Friday 21 October 2022, EQH and the therapists will be hosting an ‘Introduction to Equine Assisted Therapy day with lunch included (the EPI model)’. This will be for prospective therapists, please see the EPI website because there is a criteria to meet to ensure the professionalism of this amazing therapy.

This is to continue to showcase the horse wisdom program and train Equine Assisted Psychotherapists and Equine Assisted Learning Practitioners in this unique and ‘I-Thou’ style of horse therapy where the horses assist us as partners in therapy (I bang on about this all the time).

For more information and details of EPI nationwide courses please visit:

Did you know there are more than 300 trained EPI therapists nationwide and in NZ and we need more!

The following books are also available to purchase and are amazing:


Equine Therapy Exposed By Meg Kirby Paperback Free Shipping                     



Next week details of our birthday celebrations and new program launches!

Stay tuned and have a great week


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