March already!

EQ Haven continues upwards and onwards, our dreams of developing our small business continues with vigor and excitement. We have a wonderful steady stream of clients finding us and adopting strategies of awareness, regulation and living their best life. We could not be happier for them. We are offering the Horse Wisdom Program TM in 7 sessions for the price of 6 sessions particularly at this difficult time for some. 

We have had our first competition, announced our winners and our facilities continue to be improved and grow.

Our staff compliment is also is growing and in the next blog I will be introducing you to our wonderful staff: Lucy, Rhys, Rachel and Kara.

Our beautiful horses have been really good, bar a few hiccup injuries. The most serious occurred to Red just a couple of weeks ago (all good now by the way) and again in another blog I want to spend some time discussing just how important and amazing our vets are!

So talk again soon, have a great week everyone.

EQ Haven 🙂

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