I know it’s not Friday blog time, but we have some exciting news!

Hi everyone

Happy Tuesday…

Some exciting news to share, EQ Haven has entered the competition –  Buy From The Bush Big Break banner

(https://www.buyfromthebush.com.au/promo/bftb-big-break) – to win some amazing small business prizes…. but what would we do if we won? Well we would give back to our fabulous community (after we had got over the shock)!

There are lots of people who really need free equine therapy sessions and that’s what we would like to use some of the prize for! Horses needs lots of care and we now have 9! (yes Fudgie Wudgie has arrived and I will take some pics of her this week:), so yes it gets a bit expensive, because they get the best of everything cos we really love them. So their wellbeing will never be compromised.

Cross your fingers for us please and if we do get shortlisted there will be some voting that needs to happen.

Of course if we don’t make the cut all good and we had fun making our pitch video (which I will get the courage to eventually put up)!

We wish everyone who enters the Big Break the best of luck because after all #buyfromthebush is an amazing initiative so we fully support everything that they offer and we love our fellow bush friends and businesses.

Til next week have a good one peeps!

Mandy x

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