Ready to bounce back?

Hi everyone

As I update this blog, lockdown lift is now just  days away and what better time to rejuvenate as we put the past 18 months behind us!

EQ Haven has availability for one on one session private bookings from late October and we would love to see you, with Covid 19 safe practices!

Welcome back!

Of course you are welcome to enrol for the 7 session Horse Wisdom Program TM and even ongoing sessions if you like, but if you just want some one off ‘me time’ then this could be ideal, especially if you are visiting the area.

What better way to escape the city and have some ‘me time’ in nature of our 170 acres, meet our beautiful horses (and our other furry and feathered friends) and qualified Equine Assisted Therapists. Time to set your goals for the next chapter in life, whilst interacting with our horses and regulating and becoming aware of where you want your life to head:). These one off sessions offer a snapshot of the Horse Wisdom Program TM, that will give you some ideas and strategies of adjusting back to the ‘normal of life post pandemic’, concentrating on regulation, awareness and grounding.

We know that just because we get more freedoms with easing of lockdowns, the stresses, anxiety and facing life’s challenges may take longer to deal with and that’s where we (humans) and our herd come in!

In addition we offer morning and afternoon tea options with every session and time to slowwww down.

It’s an opportunity to explore the Yass Valley and Gundaroo and Gunning are nearby, whilst being only 40 minutes from Canberra and less than 3 hours from Sydney.

In other news we are about to start selling bags of compostable horse manure available outside our property for a small donation with all proceeds going to a youth homeless refuge in NSW. We would really appreciate your support in trying to give back  thanks. The manure is really good for garden growth by the way!

Reach out to us using the enquiry tab or give me a call, we would love to hear from you!

Have a great day:)

Mandy from EQ Haven



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