EQ Haven (TM)

Hi everyone, 

EQ Haven could never have imagined that our wonderful little business would touch so many in a short space of time ( 2 years to be precise)!

Our 7 session Horse Widom program is so popular with adults and children that we are now able to offer ongoing sessions after it has concluded and call these our ‘Top up your Cup’ programs. 

For the many children and young people who access our programs we are keen to enable them to stay at school/ university during the week so now have some Saturday morning sessions available too!

Saturdays are available for adults too!

We thank all who have and continue to reach out to us, we never take your consideration for granted:).

We would ask that you continue to register your interest in our equine and nature assisted therapy, noting at this time we have a 6-week waitlist (as of 17/9/23).

Whilst on the wait list we encourage you to contact us on a regular basis and to reach out for support that we can offer by phone. We will also stay in touch with you.

We will also try and refer you to a service that might meet your needs in the meantime if you prefer.

When you do register your interest, you will be contacted for an informal and confidential chat and invited for a complimentary meet and greet appt at the farm to meet the horses, therapists and see the facilities and join us for a morning tea. This is really important to see if we are the right fit for you:).

EQ Haven therapists are available to chat by phone 6-8pm Mon-Thurs evenings (AEST).

Emails or text messages can be left at any time, and you will be contacted asap via these platforms if preferred with a plan to chat at some stage. 

When you do register interest in our services you will be asked if you are interested in participating in some research that EQ Haven is hoping to commence – full details will be given at the time and of course you have the right to decline. 

Research is really important so we can continually strive to build up a body of evidence about this amazing psychotherapy and the positive effect on people’s lives. We are continually looking at how we maintain the balance of horse and people welfare and a mutual satisfaction to improve lives and existence. 

We will always try and do our very best to accommodate clients to access support when they need it.

In the next little while our policies and procedures are being updated and we are needing to introduce a cancellation fee in certain circumstances. If we stuff up and have to cancel at short notice and a reason other than exceptional (for example horse or therapist illness or weather related your next session will be free!)

In our latest blog we talk about ‘why horses’?

Please check it out!

Thanks for all your support, and whilst we appreciate all the positive comments made about our services, we do not encourage testimonials, rather ask you to contact us direct to give feedback (the good and not so good) so we can continually improve our services and ask you to complete the feedback questionnaires at review time and on conclusion of the program. 

The remainder of the year ahead is very exciting, and we cannot wait for 2024!

We ask don’t wait to stop and smell the roses – stop and smell the horses too!

Cheers Mandy


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